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UCLA MS Online: Integrated Circuits

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Welcome to the UCLA MS Online program. This page contains up-to-date information about the Integrated Circuits (ICs) track.


Our faculty includes world-renown instructors in integrated circuits. Each online course is based on the most recent on-campus offering.

Image:Abidi.jpg Image:Cabric.jpg Image:Chang.jpg Image:Gupta.jpg Image:He.jpg Image:Markovic.jpg Image:Pamarti.jpg Image:Razavi.jpg Image:Yang.jpg
A.A. Abidi D. Cabric M.C. F. Chang P. Gupta L. He D. Markovic S. Pamarti B. Razavi C.K. K. Yang

IC Courses

IC courses are offered only during academic year, students may take minor courses during summer.

General description of courses can also be found here.

Course Schedule

Below is the schedule of courses offered in the first two years of the program, and plan for the next three years.

The schedule for 2018-19 is tentative and will be updated at least one quarter in advance.

Course list will be periodically revised to best serve educational objectives of the students.

IC Track 2016-17 2017-18 2018-19
Fall EE 201A EE 215A EE 215A
EE 216A EE 216A EE 216A
Winter EE 215B EE 201A EE 215B
EE 216B Minor EE 216B
Spring EE 209AS.1 EE 201C EE 215D
EE 215D EE 233 TBD
Summer S&S course S&S course S&S course

2017-18 instructors
Fall: EE 215A (Prof. Razavi), EE 216A (Prof. Markovic)

Winter: EE 201A (Prof. Gupta)

Spring: EE 233 (Prof. Cabric), EE 201C (Prof. He)

EE299 (discuss with individual instructors or Prof. Markovic).

Students may create customized curricular paths depending on their interests.

Here are some sample curricula for the first three cohorts.

Degree Requirements

Students must complete 9 courses to graduate from our program.

  • At least 6 courses from the IC track
  • Optionally two courses from a minor area of choice
    • The minor courses can be taken during summer
  • One EE 299 section (research studies)
    • Offered in Fall and Winter quarters


  • MSOL Office: General contact
  • Admin Support: Ms. Shanna Revoner (shanna AT ea DOT ucla DOT edu)
  • IC Track Director: Prof. Dejan Markovic (dejan AT ee DOT ucla DOT edu)
  • MSOL Director: Prof. Jenn-Ming Yang (jyang AT seas DOT ucla DOT edu)
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