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Course Description

This course focuses on introductory-level digital IC design. The topics include:

  • Transistor operation in deep-submicron,
  • In-depth discussion of the current equations and parasitic capacitances of CMOS transistors
  • Study of CMOS inverter and logic gates, including
    • gate delay calculations,
    • power consumption,
    • transistor sizing,
    • placement for speed/power improvement using both analytical as well as simulation (spice) based studies.
  • Dynamic logic gates,
  • Sequential circuits,
  • Adder architectures.

Course grades are available through MyUCLA.

Winter 2016

  • Lectures
    • Tue & Thu, 4:00-5:50pm, Humanities A65 (map: interactive)
  • Discussions
    • Dis. 1A: Fri 2:00-2:50pm, 4216 WG Young
    • Dis. 1B: Thu 10:00-10:50am, 3656 Geology


  • Dejan Markovic (56-147E Eng-IV)
  • Office hours: Mon & Fri 11am-12:30pm

Quick Links

All course-related material will be available on the wiki, except for grades (MyUCLA) and Q&A (Piazza).
EEM216A Wiki: Main | News | Lectures | Homeworks | CAD | Project | References


  • Homeworks (7): 15%
  • Project: 25%
  • Midterm: 25%
  • Final: 35%
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